Skin Education

At Skin Education, we believe that healthy skin is the root of all beautiful skin. Not only do we help
you with your concerns, but we also aim to teach our patients about their respective conditions. We
provide holistic care, because we believe that a healthy mind, healthy body and a healthy soul are
the skin’s holy trinity.


A thorough cleanse and conditioning treatment for your facial hair to keep it healthy,
and looking good. We don’t mind if we find some leftovers in there either, that’s exactly
what we are here for.

Everyone knows you work really hard, so those nails go untaken care of. Let us give you a treatment to eliminate all dead skin cells, shape, clean and strengthen your nails. Yes,
men are sexier when they have nice fingers.

We offer cold and hot waxing treatments for different types of areas on the body. We
are comfortable removing all kinds of unwanted hair

A consultation to address your skin concerns . this includes a treatment plan as well as
skincare routine

This aids with rough texture as well as acne prone skin. We offer different types of dead
skin cell removal, please book a consultation to find the best option for you.


A consultation to address your skin concerns . this includes a treatment plan as well as
skincare routine.

An in-depth look at your biggest hair and scalp  concerns. This includes a recommendation for a personlised hair care routine.

The safe non-invasive removal of unwanted facial hair s well as dead skin cells. This aids
in having a smooth look and better make-up application.

Make up application for any occasion.

Because thy tooshie shall look good

Because thy titty/boobie shall look good

Because thy booty shall feel all kinds of good and pretty, sis

A relaxing, clinical and deep cleansing facial for maintaining healthy skin and taking your
epidermis for a skincation.

We all hate ingrown hairs, especially the infected ones that hurt and leave unwanted
spots. It does not matter where on the body they are, lets help you get rid of them.


A minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture


A non-invasive procedure that involves the creation of a controlled injury under the skin

Chemical peels

A procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers.

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