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At Skin Education, we believe that healthy skin is the root of all beautiful skin. Not only do we help
you with your concerns, but we also aim to teach our patients about their respective conditions. We provide holistic care, because we believe that a healthy mind, healthy body and a healthy soul are the skin’s holy trinity.



A minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture


A non-invasive procedure that involves the creation of a controlled injury under the skin

Chemical peels

A procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers.

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What Our Customers Say

My skin is doing amazing. I am completely in love with the anti-dark spot serum. it kills my dark sports before they can even appear.

Nonsikelelo Mazibuko

Just wanted to say that I'm so happy with my skin, it's so radiant and hydrated and the best part is I no longer hide my skin with lots of make-up. Thank you so much for the great service and giving me tips and trick about how to better my skin.

Nobuhle Hlongwane

I would like to first state that since the very beginning of the consultation with you, you have not only been a attentive but very welcoming and kind. This is something that I find very resourceful for your career as it has allowed me, the patient, to feel comfortable, heard and confident for the duration of the process of skincare of which we are all aware can be very frustrating and tedious.

Yoshiene Naidoo

I would come with all sort of problems related to my skin some visible most emotionally and calmly so she would just look at me and smile and say okay let me do this for you and my day would be made, she made me look forward to all my treatment and take me to each and every step professionally, friendly and most of all respectful, I was also drawn by her product knowledge and the fact that she knew each clients name and needs. Awesome

Zamani Mthalane

You have completed a majority of treatment on my skin, all having been gentle and thorough. I deeply appreciate your patience and effort to make my consultations as efficient as possible. I have seen improvement in my skin and skincare routine, every consultation leaves me motivated for the next.

Uzile Mafeka

You have provided me with realistic yet hopeful approach to guide me through the maintenance of my skin. This has made a world of a difference as it allows me to make mistakes and not feel insanely guilty but rather to enforce me into picking my regime back up and trying again, which is not always wise, but rather that than to give up as through time practicing skin care because more consistent

Sizakele Nyembe

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